Absolute – Elias Aqleh

Inner secret harmony

in the beginning the idea was created, the pure thought of the beauty intent of the creator, then it was shaped to a corporeal life, shapes, lines, colors and sounds, which we had received as a right, as an impression, and we had expressed by a given talent, it’s the first one truth

if we could express every sense we receive with words then there will be no need for visual art’s or music

his idea intent to realize the natural situation by interest is about Humanism .. Nature existince
The paintings of Elias Aqla are the colors of olive oil represent the impression of Elias of nature in a realistic style Impressionist and charcoal charts and lead to human characters in human life situations, the individual starts to come back to the born artist
Impression & Absolute

Three investigations
Absolute student / I could see clearly / the thirteenth apostle
by realizations of
Faith / Creation (Creation)
The themes that work on come through my interest in connecting my impressions through meditation to achieve
The absolute truth behind the idea of ​​”life”
From understanding the pure intention of the creator, and the perfection of beauty that he wants for his creations,
Man can be made or “god” made, the intention is one, the truth is one

Absolute is created and there is freely choice Vadrakh is the control of his ability and aware, who is absolute case is a neighborhood that has returned to be free and becomes absolute
The thirteenth disciple is the friend and brother of Christ and his perceptions and teachings, while moving away from the sects and human beliefs as the son of man and the son of existence
As for me, I see the perspective of life with a realistic thought that is not influenced by society. No human being can be absolute and it is very difficult to be absolute, but it is possible with a failure in the experiments that the thirteenth student either sees that these are the perceptions that he achieved Has achieved absolute status
I chose myself to learn from the teachings and thought of Christ without complying with the beliefs and institutions of the sects and faiths. Indeed, the salvation of man by his faith and his health by his love and fulfillment by his gift is not by bread alone, but by man
Everything has been created because of his thought
Absolute: In the beginning the idea was created and the idea was formed for forms and materials.
I see: he has created in the temple this temple and temple ..
I have been called the thirteenth student because he is a true believer and not a legislator who has been created to dominate the concepts and cosmology of the universe.

Drawing and drawing in a series make me look for meaning
From this topic and seek to see perfection, perfect in its universal meaning and its individual meaning, from the first existence of an intention.
My inspiration comes through nature and humanity, Holly’s personal world temples
themes i working on comes through my interest on connecting my impressions & through contemplation for realizing
the absolute truth behind “life” idea
of understanding the pure intent of the creator, and the perfection beauty he want for his creations,
it could be a man made or a “god” made, the intent is one, the truth is one

painting & drawing in series make me searching for the meaning
of the subject and searching for to see its perfection, the perfection in its global meaning & its individual meaning, of its first exist being intent.

my inspiration comes through Nature & Humanity, the universal & the personal holly temples of life.

our impressions of creatures and assists

It’s just a view of the strongly system of sense of realism, it is the common language for all of us, where we share the same feelings and thoughts, and having the same situation for all of us
Here is where we communicate by color, line and shape and some social agreements, where the artist uses Impressionist painting to express the theme collector which put us in the first beginning, our beginning.
And now it seems that, colors, lines and shapes are the subject
This is the common language between nature, human and material, as the relationship between the land, the farmer and the plow, the same relationship with the wall, plasterers and his tool